Life often takes unexpected turns, and we suddenly find we have lost our footing, our sense of wellbeing, and are no longer clear what we should do or how to grapple with these life challenges. Psychotherapy from a trusted and highly trained professional gradually allows you to regain your psychological well-being and feeling of balance in your life.


Do difficult circumstances interfere with your ability to feel good at work and home? Can’t see sky through the clouds? Do you have a long standing dream for your life to change? Does stress create everyday tension in your ability to understand yourself, your family and friends?


Are relationship problems leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed? Do you feel alone, neglected and undervalued in your relationship? Is frequent fighting or bickering with your spouse significantly increasing your stress levels and making it difficult to concentrate in other areas of your life? 

Online Therapy

Online psychotherapy most commonly takes place over video conferencing applications, such as Google Hangouts. These tools easy to install on your phone, tablet or personal computer, they are free of charge and easy to use.


Are feelings of hopelessness and despair making it difficult to function?Do you struggle with feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy or a general feeling of having done something wrong?
Do you often struggle with low energy, lethargy or a lack of motivation to complete even simple tasks?


Do you regularly experience anxious, consuming thoughts? Are you overwhelmed with excessive worry that you can’t control, or do you struggle with regular surges of panic? Do you often feel on edge, worrying that you’ll fail at work, school or in a significant relationship?


Are there a few difficult conversations that you are currently putting on hold or failing to resolve? Are you entrapped in frequent arguments and heated discussions that create stress and even affect your health?  Have you been feeling lonely, isolated, avoiding people due to feeling that no one can relate to you and your circumstances?